The Modern Co-Op

Crowd-source identical business supplies for less money. 

How It Works

Scaled Buy groups smaller orders into BIG orders to increase buying power and save money. 

Online Shopping


Simply order your products from our secure online store.

Go Team


Tell your peers and inner circle. The co-op will get faster and cheaper!



Orders combine for the same product and execute at the discounted rate.

Scaled Buy is 100% FREE to use, plus a 100% money-back guarantee!


Current Supply Model Problem

Widget Supplier A

Company A

Widget Supplier B

Widget Supplier C

Company B

Company C

Company D



  • Full Price: Each company pays full cost for same product

  • Waste Time: All companies must find and compare between every supplier

    • Some mistakenly find/use "middle-men"​

  • Costly Shipping: Inefficiently shipping smaller sizes

Scaled Buy's Supply Model

Widget Supplier B

Widget Supplier C

Company A

Company C

Company B

Company D

Scaled Buy _No bck_edited.png


  • Lower Prices: Everyone pays less due to buying power

    • Supplier A was the worst and eliminated

  • Save Time: Scaled Buy finds reliable suppliers and negotiates on your behalf. Often manufacturer-direct

  • Cheaper Shipping: We ship fuller truckloads

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge to use the site? How do you make money?

There really is no fee to join or use the site. We share in the bulk savings with you, but the price listed is what you pay. Our portion is already accounted for. We all win by working together!​

What is the catch? This sounds too good to be true...

No catch or tricks. ​Our owner once worked on big contracts and saw the same part number change in cost by thousands of dollars depending on volume ordered, even if bought just weeks apart. He knew there must be a way to always get that best volume price.

How can we get the orders to accumulate and fill faster?

Scaled Buy makes every effort to list products which have common market interest. But you can also help with word of mouth and contacting your colleagues who buy the same parts. For example, the craft beer industry is often a tight-knit community who share ideas!​

What if no one else is buying the same parts as me?

You get a full refund if there are not enough other orders to meet the needed volume in the time period.​ The further out you list your need-by date, the better chance to group more orders and save!

How does shipping work?

The quantity you ordered is shipped direct to your location except for special circumstances when the product is very large, hard to split, or heavy​. In those circumstances, warehousing is often provided, along with local "to-door" delivery options. In very close communities, one of the local buying members may volunteer short-term storage space to save even more money for all!

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